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Growth Marketing

Are paid ads a thing of the past? Are we supposed to be moving on from Growth Hacking?
With paid media customer costs at an all-time high, is it even worth it?
We don’t think so.
Growth Hacking is dependent on 1 thing – Customer Data.

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Users all across the world are becoming more vigilant about their data, due to which access to this data has significantly reduced. A big factor in this is the latest iOS 14 update, which lets users know exactly where their information is being used.
Big companies like Amazon, Google, and Meta have reported a financial hit and declining growth in ads-based revenue.
Digital advertisers are not going to find it easy to access their audience.
The road is naturally going to wind back to Organic marketing and creating connections with your audience.
As a growth strategy agency in pune, we believe that the future of Marketing is in Brand Marketing instead of Growth and Performance Marketing.
Instead of Paid Ads and manipulated growth, brands will be looking at growing their reach in an organic way – through conversations, forums, pop-up events, and curated content.
We are entering a new era of Marketing – with a more natural experience for users.
It’s time for Brands to adapt and push the envelope on their strategies for Marketing, ensuring they are accounting for an audience that expects more out of them.
The Wit is a growth strategy agency in pune, aiming to build growth for companies.

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Vivek Chandanshiv

Vivek Chandanshiv

Vivek is helping businesses Attract the RIGHT customers | Branding & Website Growth Strategist | Founder @Fundamenta

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