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Why are Logo Designs so expensive these days?

As a digital creative agency in baner, we have worked with many companies with logo design needs. The process of logo design is really intricate and detailed, and we love it! But as logo designers, we understand how confusing it is for logo designs to be on a pretty wide pay scale. Many entrepreneurs get quite a big shock when they receive a quote to design a logo from a brand designer, branding agency, marketing firm, or ad agency. Logos range from free to thousands of rupees, and we have all read about logos that cost corporations and governments lakhs of rupees. This crazy range of prices can be hard to explain. The simple answer is this: Logos are expensive to design because the process of arriving at top-quality logos takes talent and time, and an excellent logo is a big factor in helping a business succeed. A lot of work goes into creating a logo: From truly understanding the company’s vision and mission to curating the colors and font for the logo. People who are at an elite level of logo design are also hard to come by, and they are always in demand. A top logo designer has his or her pick of projects, and they charge accordingly.

What is the general cost of a logo?

A logo design can range from 1000 rupees to several lakhs of rupees. Logos don’t necessarily have to be very expensive. An entrepreneur and a company have the option of designing a logo inexpensively, based on the age, access, and budget of the company! There are options for free logos. Some of the do-it-yourself web and graphic design platforms have free logo-generating software like the Wix Logo Maker, Squarespace Logo Maker, and the Canva Logo Maker. A logo design is offered by most print shops and web design firms as an add-on, and sometimes they will even throw it in for free on a large order. What gives entrepreneurs sticker shock is the price of logo designs from professional brand designers and marketing agencies. These places can quote anywhere from 1 lakh up to 5 lakhs for a branding package. If you see a logo as merely a cool shape and some text in a nice font, then paying thousands of dollars is pretty mind-blowing.

What goes into a professional logo design?

It is hard to appreciate the time, resources, and expertise that go into a professionally designed logo. What entitles brand design firms to charge so much for such a small and simple piece of design? It doesn’t seem like much goes into a logo design, so how could it be expensive? On the surface, a great logo design seems so simple that it feels like it shouldn’t have taken that long to design. Truth be told, graphic designers only spend only a few hours on the final logo design. But it takes a lot of background research and hundreds of ideas and dozens of alternate logo designs to arrive confidently at that final design. A professional brand designer will take time testing the new logo design on an organization’s business cards, signage, vehicles, clothing, etc. to make sure it is going to work everywhere. Sometimes the logo design process includes market testing. Secret groups of people in the target market of the brand in question are asked their opinion on the logo concepts. Testing takes logos out of arguments over taste, and into the real world and how the real people of the market would react to the logo. 

Is the cost of an expensive logo worth it?

1. A professionally designed logo can contribute to the growth of the brand:
  • If the first impression of your company strikes a chord, it is likely that customers will remember your brand. Well-designed logos can increase sales and subscriptions.giphy
2. Professionally designed logos can attract a higher-paying clientele:
  • Wealthier patrons are more sensitive to the difference between an amateur logo and a professional logo. As a result, they frequent businesses that have simple, elegant logos. A business’ logo is not the only thing that attracts or repels high-end clients, but it contributes. For example, a salon with a high-end logo will attract wealthier patrons than one with a kitschy or cliche logo.giphy
3. A professionally designed logo is legally protected:
  • A properly designed logo is truly custom. A professional brand designer will start each logo from cratched, designed specifically for the unique qualities of the organization. A pro logo is like a custom-tailored suit. Unique logos are protected by copyright. If you want to go further, then you can apply for a trademark. Both legal protections require that the logo is novel and unique.giphy

Take the design of your logo seriously – regardless of whether you have tons of money or a smaller budget. The logo of your organization has the potential to make or break your business. You need to take the process seriously, even if you cannot afford to work with the best designers.

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