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The non infected but affected – Stay ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic with the right ways of marketing

The coronavirus has affected the non-affected also in a large number of ways, every business sees themselves landed on the internet and a little lost in the overly crowded digital market.

Everyone is doing their best. Dramatic and/or widespread events like the COVID-10 pandemic should always trigger a marketer to first step back and say, “OK — what do I have in the market right now?”

Everyone has great designs. But with us, you will get the real deal. It’s not only designs and ‘boosting’ sales that will give you the results you need.

Do you know the difference between marketing and advertising? What about the difference between marketing and sales? Where do publicity, public relations, and branding fit in?

You might know there is but do you understand the difference between advertising and marketing?

What about advertising and sales? How do publicity, public relations, and branding fill the puzzle?

A lot of us are experts about our businesses and products but hardly some of us have a clear recognition of the complexities of marketing and its connection to attracting customers and increasing sales and profits. But lucky for you, there are experts for this as well. We in the marketing world have a complete grasp of these complexities and have ways to make all of them work in your favor.

The Wit Agency, a marketing growth agency in pune, is here to help you out with just that! 

Firstly, it needs to be out there that marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales are connected to each other as much as they are different.

Let’s make this easier, consider all these activities as members of a family, in that context marketing would be the parents with all the other sections as children of the same.
They are all connected while having their personalities and roles.

So, the question arises, what’s what?

By definition, marketing aims to develop and manage successful exchanges among the
participating entities, the company, the customers, and its collaborators (distributors, designers, employees). Marketing is a business discipline about ‘markets’; consequently, it focusses on the exchange of goods, services, and ideas- the defining activity of a market. Marketing is not limited to maximizing monetary outcomes, it is defined using a broader perspective of success, which extends beyond money. It includes all forms of value created in the market for all the parties.

In other words, it is the systematic planning, implementation, and analysis of business activities intended to exchange value offerings for sales.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising as we all know the fourth ‘P’ in the workflow, promotional strategy. Its everything that you do to get the product noticed to prospective buyers. It involves social media, print media, and radios even to start telling people about your product. An advertising process is the most expensive of all the, consider it as the member of the family who needs the most attention and investment, since it consists of multiple layers to reach one goal. It requires design and art aspects, placement strategies, and formulated wording matching the brand image.

The cost of the advertising process has a different range for every product and brand and is impacted by the budget largely. Anyone good at advertising may not fully be able to take the responsibility of your whole marketing project and get you the return of investment you look for.

What does Public relations?

We all love to have a good reputation and want people to only say good things about us. It’s the same with businesses actually, we love to have a good reputation. But with a business, this reputation makes much more of a difference than it does to anyone on a personal level. A mistake or a wrong statement can cause millions of rupees and hence it needs to be maintained. Hence, we need a team dedicated only to this. Only to make sure that people are saying good things about us. A lot of the interviews, what journalists say about you and your brand, and all the CSR activities, everything comes under Public relations.

What piece does publicity fill in then?

For your product to sell and your ‘marketing’ plan to be successful, people first need to know that your company exists. Publicity is all about creating an existence for your brand, it’s about awareness, where when people know about your brand is only when they will be interested in your product through media coverage and other methods of communication.

As more people become aware of your business, the potential for turning those people into customers also increases. Depending on the size of your business you might or might not need a publicist at the early stages of growth at least.

What do about branding you ask?

Branding in simple terms is what people first see when they see your brand. It has a lot to do with the visual representation of your brand. As the age-old saying goes, first impressions last. When a prospective consumer sees your brand, they see your logo, your used color scheme, the fonts, the visiting cards, posters, taglines, etc. All this makes to the physique of your brand which is the first step of communication with the customers. For example, a silver apple, a tick mark, some golden arches, or let’s say a ‘dhai kilo ka haath‘, all these objects immediately draw up a picture in your head, remind you of the iconic brands that have made these things they’re own. This is the power of branding and this is the power of recognition.

Branding is the process of building that recognition through the design of the entire look and feel including colors, fonts, word choice, music, and imagery.

Whenever a company decides to make a marketing plan it needs to include:

    1. An advertising plan.
    2. A Public Relations plan.
    3. A Social media plan.
    4. A sales plan, and
    5. A promotion plan.

Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?

But don’t worry that is what experts like us are for. The Wit Agency is the whole package with resources, strategies, and ideas to make sure all the marketing stars align with you, and every section is taken care of.

The need of the hour is Digital marketing and we at The Wit Agency are all about internet jazz. Almost every brand has already set up shop online and you need to be there too. We cannot stress enough about the urgency of your website, your Instagram page, and your Facebook shop.

People need to talk about you on the internet. There needs to be a buzz and the lack of physical touch has raised the emphasis on the emotional connection you build with your customers.

You might think this might be easy but it’s not, hence you need catchy content, regular monitoring of insights, and more.
Okay, enough of scaring you there is so much benefit from marketing online, that we probably realize but don’t take advantage of.

firstly, there are no geographical boundaries, wherein you can interact with a customer sitting on the other side of the globe without moving an inch from where you sit. It is completely measurable in terms of views and returns. Various tools to help you monitor your website, update it in minutes, and update the same on your social media handles instantly.

The coronavirus crisis will test us all, but marketers need to think long-term and keep building their brands, protecting their staff, and honoring their values.

Bottom Line

If you’re building a product from scratch or your business is brand-new, consider a branding expert for logo development as well as the entire look and feel. A little money invested in branding at the beginning will save you a lot of money cleaning it up later.

Keeping your business in front of consumers could help improve their perception of your brand even if they’re not buying right now.

Marketing in the conditions imposed on us by the coronavirus must lean on community brand building and relationships with existing customers. If you can strike the right tone in your messaging to speak to these people as they are, and that message resonates, your business will be in a good position to retain market share.

We at The Wit Agency, a marketing growth agency in pune, love to write, love to design, and take great pride in the promptness of our work. 

Get in touch with us and choose the services you want or leave it all up to us, we’ve got you covered.

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