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The Hidden Love Story between Brand and Content

Or not so hidden Love Story?

The main love story of today’s age is not Romeo and Juliet or Raj and Simran. It’s the sweet, undying love story of the relationship everyone interacts with daily. In the digital age, where people are constantly attached to their phones and electronic devices, the biggest love story lies at the crux of this, at the point where the consumer meets and creates a connection with a brand and the story they are sharing. At fundamenta, a Branding & Website Agency, works to create a perfect amalgamation between Content and Brand Design. You probably know this expression: “A brand is made in the customer’s mind.” So far so good – we can understand that. But how exactly does it happen? How does a consumer form his opinion of a brand? To do so, he doesn’t merely evaluate the product quality, but also the social habits of the company, its design and advertising. He also checks how compelling the content is. The content a brand puts out is the most important of all of these aspects .

Content shapes the brand image:

To make it perfectly clear: Content has a brand-shaping function. Its power should not be underestimated and goes well beyond quick conversion success.

The true power of content can only be harnessed by appreciating it as a whole – as a company asset that benefits all departments (not just marketing). For this to happen, all underlying structures and processes must work smoothly, internally and externally – much like financial flows. Many organizations don’t even know how many content offers they communicate with every day. That number can easily go into the hundreds.

But does bad content kill the Brand? 

Yes, absolutely. Think about it: Would you ever buy or subscribe to a brand with a message that you didn’t resonate with? 

I doubt it. To make people actively invest their time and money into a brand takes a lot more than a few words strung together. 

Your company content needs to be catchy, interesting, and stimulating. 

Brand style and consumer wishes – content unites them Company content must address the needs of people and at the same time preserve the brand’s character. Finding a healthy balance between the two: That is the true challenge of brand communication. Ideally, consumers appreciate the content and at the same time recognize what brand they are dealing with. 

Try and create content that is: 
  1. Empathic & Emotional: Does the content show sensitivity, understanding for customer needs? Does is stir emotions?
  2. Energetic & Elegant: Does it radiate the brand-typical energy and elegance
  3. Unique & Memorable: Does it stand out from the crowd with special themes? Does it have a pioneering role and a chance to be remembered? Does the product take a back seat?
  4. Simple & Efficient: Does it compel with clever clarity, does it forego the unnecessary and appear efficient?
  5. Showcasing Commitment & Insight: Does it promote commitment, the communication between brand and consumer? Does it demonstrate that the brand likes feedback, even if it is in the form of criticism? 

Fundamenta is here to help our with any of your branding and website needs. 

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Vivek Chandanshiv

Vivek Chandanshiv

Vivek is helping businesses Attract the RIGHT customers | Branding & Website Growth Strategist | Founder @Fundamenta

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