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10 ways you can elevate your brand to the next level!

17 oct 1

Branding is one of the most important activities your business can engage in. Building a strong, recognizable brand will help you connect with your existing customers, sell to new ones, and encourage loyalty and recognition. But like all success stories, it needs a good strategy and consistency. With an immense number of brands and companies out there, it’s become even more imperative to make your mark in the market and stand out.  We at The Wit, a brand strategy agency in pune, understand that it’s difficult to find strategies that you can consistently follow to see a steady growth in your brand visibility. Well, to make it a little easier, we are here to help you out with 10 easy steps you can take to elevate your brand to the next level

1. Stay Clear and Consistent with your Messaging:

While it is important to stay in touch with the trends that are going around, it is essential that you don’t lose your brand’s identity and messaging. Stay true to your vision and promise. . Your tone, personality, visuals, and more all contribute to helping customers understand your brand and remember you. A simple way to do that is to create a Brand Look book. This Look book is your guide and a comprehensive database to everything about your brand: The colours to be used, logos, font, personality, etc. Another way to ensure consistency to make sure everyone knows about each campaign  / offer you are providing. 

2. Build relationships with your Customers / Audience:

Relationship building is a great way to build your brand authority. When you maintain great relationships with your clients and prospects, you can cement their business and loyalty for the future. Part of building relationships and sustaining them, is listening to what they have to say about the business and understanding what solutions they are looking for. Conducting Market research or listening on social media can be an effective way of doing that. Tune into the customer’s good experiences and the negative ones as well. You can then find ways to stay consistent with the good habits, and repair the negative ones. 

3. Publish more educational content on your blog:

A blog is an excellent way of reaching out to your audience and for them to have a look at the way your company functions: The strategies you use, how you come up with ideas, etc. Make sure your blogs are trendy, and talk about diverse and creative solutions for people’s daily problems. They will then continue to look to you for guidance and information.

4. Engage with your clients Live:

Everyone uses Social Media in this day and age. Being able to interact with your clients in real time, using the Live feature, can be a great way to ensure they are heard. You can answer questions, solve doubts and actively hear feedback.  Another way of interacting with your audience live, are customer service portals. Ensuring they have a channel with which to reach you is of the utmost importance. 

5. Define your Niche:

You can’t be all things to all people. Narrow your target market by offering a specialised product or service, or by serving a target demographic. For example: busy parents who want to lead a healthier life vs. anyone who wants to live a healthier life. 

6. Make your brand Human:

Think of your brand as a real person. Think of your brand as one that can touch lives with the right messaging. Think of brands you do remember. They are human and real, and have managed to elicit a response in us that most brands could not.

7. Testimonials from Existing Customers and Employees:

Voices and Opinions matter. These voices are what make a company human. Ensuring positive experiences and reviews are put out there is what makes future consumers confident about your brand’s abilities. Employee testimonials are a depiction of your work culture and diversity. Clients love to know that they are associating with a brand that values their employees as much as their consumers. 

8. Make it easy for your Clients to reach you / buy from you:

Consumers in today’s environment don’t just want to buy / subscribe to a high quality product, they want value for their time. Quick deliveries, fast websites, all of these appeal to a customer. Accessibility is at the forefront of this experience. The fewer steps consumers must take to purchase from your app, the easier the purchasing experience will be and the more likely they will return to buy more from you. 

9. Start a Referral Program:

Referral programs encourage your customers to share your business with their friends and other acquaintances. They might get a discount on your online courses, a free month of membership to your membership site, or some other benefit. As a result, you get a new paying customer who might refer friends of their own. While referral programs might seem like they cost you money, they can actually multiply your revenue many times over. Make sure to share the details of your referral program on social media, your blog, and other online presences.

10. Optimize your Content for Search Engines:

SEO is an essential skill for any entrepreneur. Learn how to optimize your blog posts and other content for the search engines. Use long-tail keywords in your titles, meta-descriptions, and body content. You can add them to subheadings, as well, to boost your SEO.

As a brand strategy agency in pune, The Wit knows how challenging it can be to grow your brand organically, which is why we use these tactics to ensure our clients grow and we grow along with them!

Contact us to look at the heights your brand can reach and #gowidewithwit! 

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