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Thrivent Capital

How Thrivent Capital Transformed Its Brand and Secured Multi-Million Dollar Deals



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Executive Summary

Transforming Brand Identity for Strategic Growth

Thrivent Capital, a leader in Structured Finance and Investment Banking, partnered with us to revamp their brand identity and marketing collateral. Specializing in Public Enterprises and Social Benefit Enterprises, Thrivent Capital needed a cohesive brand to reflect their expertise in debt structuring, securitization, and capital market transactions. We delivered a refreshed brand identity, consistent marketing materials, and a professional website, resulting in significant business achievements, including closing over 13 multi-million dollar deals and securing a $2.1 million deal in London.

Services Provided

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Overcoming Branding and Marketing Hurdles

  • Defining the brand’s unique value proposition, resonating with clients, and avoiding alienation of existing customers.
  • Differentiating from competitors, ensuring consistency, and updating messages to reflect market conditions.
  • Identifying and reaching the ideal customer segment, engaging high-value prospects, and converting interest into sales.
  • Positioning effectively in a niche market, adapting to market changes, and clear communication of brand positioning.
  • Maintaining consistency across platforms and international markets, adherence to guidelines, and updating brand elements.
  • Creating a distinctive brand identity, evolving design trends, and balancing modern with timeless elements.
  • Designing effective materials, ensuring consistency, and keeping materials updated.


Strategic and Consistent Rebranding

  • Branding and Rebranding: Conducted market research, developed a strategic rebranding plan, and communicated changes effectively.
  • Brand Messaging: Developed core brand messages, implemented a brand management system, and regularly reviewed messaging.
  • Attracting the Right Client: Utilized data analytics, leveraged content marketing, and focused on personalized marketing.
  • Brand Positioning: Conducted competitive analysis, engaged in market research, and developed clear positioning statements.
  • Brand Consistency: Created comprehensive brand guidelines, implemented training, and established a brand management team.
  • Brand Identity Design: Worked with professional designers, conducted brand audits, and ensured versatile brand identity elements.
  • Marketing & Sales Material Design: Developed unified design templates, established a review process, and regularly audited materials.
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Implementation & INTEGRATION

Seamless Brand Transformation

We conducted thorough research, collaborated closely with the client, and integrated the new brand identity across all platforms. We designed and delivered marketing collateral and a corporate deck, meeting the needs of Thrivent Capital’s founders and managing directors.


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Results and IMPACT

Significant Business Growth

  • 13+ Multi-million Dollar Deals Closed in 2023-24
  • $2.1 Million Deal Secured in London
  • Ongoing Client Reliance for Marketing and Technical Consultations

The redefined brand identity and consistent marketing collateral have significantly enhanced Thrivent Capital’s credibility and contributed to substantial business growth and success.

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